General introduction about Le Segment A.B

The company was founded in 1927, as part of the activities of  Amédée Bollée in the Automobile Industry since 1890. Initially “Les Segments Amédée Bollée“, the company then specialised in the manufacture of piston rings for combustion engines.
In the 70’s, production was successfully diversified with the introduction of compression rings for hydraulic systems and compressors

The company has changed its name in 1989 to become “Le Segment A.B“, and has started developing high performance sealing systems (resistance to high temperatures – up to 1 000 °C -, profiles designed to optimize performance: total sealing or on the other side controlled leak).

More recently, Le Segment AB has turned to markets of high technology: aeronautics and the nuclear industry.

The company was certified ISO 9001 and EN 9100 in 2001 (aeronautics certification). The certification has been renewed in 2010.

The quality of our products is ensured by controls at every stage of production, and, when required by the client, quality controls and measures of critical dimensions are made through SPC statistical process control.

The Bollée family was the owner of the company until 1989. Since 1990, the company is a public limited company with a capital of 390 270 €, controlled by the CRONITE group through Mancelle de Fonderie at 100%.

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Specialists in the metal sealing sector, the company Le Segment A.B. has gained extensive know-how in the development of innovate techniques and the implementation of manufacturing processes.

Customer satisfaction is our prime concern and key means of self-evaluation.


SAB aeronautics

This business sector demand a hight level of quality (precision and reliability) for rings.
We have developped specific knowhow for this market.

– Sealing “Squeeze film”


SAB compressor

Compressors sealing specialist…
Piston compressors
∞ Air
∞ Gas
∞ Coolant (hermetic or not)…

Turbine compressors
∞ High-temperature gas (up to 1,200°)

Multi-vane compressors


SAB hydraulics

Hydraulic sealing specialist :hight pressure and hight temperature, our rings can match your demands.

∞ Pumps
∞ Motors (sealing of radial pistons)
∞ Cylinders (end of travel dampers)
∞ Special pistons
∞ Gearboxes, clutches
∞ Taps and valves
∞ Rotary seals.

Combustion engines

SAB combustion

2 or 4 strokes engine, our rings can match your needs.

Combustion piston engines
∞ Petrol (2 or 4 stroke)
∞ Diesel
∞ Exhaust rings
∞ Valve guides…
∞ competition…


SAB silviculture

For all silviculture machines, our rings can match your requests.

Other machines
∞ Presses
∞ Extruders…

Segment AB Office

Access from PARIS
By road:
Motorway A.11, direction NANTES. Exit LE MANS Est
Direction ANGERS,
When leaving the town, turn left in direction LE LUDE
The factory is 0.7 km on the right. Travel time: 2 hours 30″

Your contact:
Plant Manager : Mr Ghislain BRETON
Deputy Plant Manager : Mr Sébastien DENNEBOUY
Sales Assistant : Mrs Stephanie DANGEUL
Logistics Coordinator : Mrs Stéphanie MARCAIS
Quality product Manager : Mr Benjamin MARTINEAU
Method Manager : Mr Jean-Pierre BOUVIER

Segment AB location



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