Production capacities

All types of rings can be produced: rectangular, taper-faced, barrel-faced, combined and slotted oil control rings, bevelled edge or double bevelled oil control rings… All types of joints can be made: butt-joint, angle-joint, with a notch, overlapping…

Our products are basically made out of cast-iron according to norm ISO6621/1, but we can also manufacture other material, such as steel, bronze, metals made on a cobalt base, etc… according to your requirements.

Various treatments and coatings can be applied to the piston rings, depending on your final need : hard chromium plating, heat treatment processes.

Our flexible organization as well as our facilities allow production of a few parts as well as larges series (40 000 parts).

Parts are manufactured to order. Production lead-time ranges from 24H to 10 weeks depending on the type of piston ring and the availability of raw material. Over 40,000 references are registered in our system.

Our goal: meet your requirements in terms of technology and price.

We can help you design the best sealing solution for your engine, please contact us.

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