Ring materials

SAB ring materials
  • FGL F5 – F30 – F51 – F52 – F63 – F54 – F56 – F57 – F68
  • Z170CS
  • Z200CD
  • S6-5-2 ;  UE12
FGLF5 unitary, Ø of 25 to 120 mm standard, equivalent: Kl, FI 3. GHS 1 series greater than 300 pieces
FGL jets, Ø of 20 to 40 mm all series, small standard diameters, equivalent : K2
F30 unitary, Ø of 120 to 200 mm, h 1 > 4 mm series greater than 300 pieces
FGL F51 unitary, Ø of 28 to 150 mm, h 1 > 4 mm equivalent: GZ (SNCF) series greater than 300 pieces
FGL F52 unitary, Ø of 120 to 200 mm, h1 > 3.5 mm standard, equivalent : K3 series greater than 300 pieces
FGLF63 TREATED, unitary, Ø of 30 to 80 mm specific 2-stroke, equivalent; IKA, GHS 2
FGLF54 unitary, capable of 4. Ø from 30 to 60 mm standard, equivalent: Kl or GHS 1 series greater than 2,000 pieces
FGLF56 static, Ø above 300 mm standard, all series, large diameters
FGLF56 tubes, centrifugal, Ø of 40 to 300 mm standard, series < 300 pieces up to Ø200 mm, all series above Ø200 mm
FGLF57 tubes, centrifugal, Ø of 40 to 120 mm spheroidal graphite, series above 2,000 pieces, equivalent: Kl 3
FGLF68 nitary, Ø of 25 to 200 mm CrMo 50-50
Z 170 CS 15 tubes or top cast tubes
Z 200 CD 13-2 tubes or top cast
S 6-5-2 tubes or top cast

Cast iron rings: this cast iron is not defined by the normal cast iron standards which cannot be applied to thin mechanical parts such as piston rings.
The standard ISO 6621/3 defines ring materials by their physical characteristics. Standard grey cast irons class 10, sub-class 12 have a typical elasticity module of E = 100,000 N/mm2 with a minimum hardness of 95 HRB and a flexion resistance of 350 N/mm2.
This class 12 is applicable to serial manufactured rings of sufficient quantity, diameter 30 to 200 mm. The cast iron is produced in an electric furnace; analysis varies according to the size of the unitary casing model. In this case it is a pearlitic cast iron.
For production series not indicated above, iron cast in centrifugal tubes is used or, for smaller diameters, top cast iron is used. These cast irons are of class 11. We are able to manufacture rings made of spheroidal graphite cast iron with an elasticity module of 160,000; this is a class 50 cast iron. In the case of rings for exhaust joints working at very high temperatures, we use steel type Z170 CS 15.