Solution for all types of furnaces

Cronite is the world’s leading designer and manufacture of heat treatment fixtures and furnace spare parts. More than 15,000 furnaces around the world are equipped with our products.

Cronite provides the right solution corresponding to your needs, it includes:

  • Standard products for the most common types of furnaces worldwide like Base Trays, Intermediate Grids, Baskets etc.,
  • Customized solution designed to the customer’s requirements.


Cronite owns thousands of standard patterns in our factories. Our Engineering teams can develop new solution of Base Trays for your specific use.

Our Trays are compatible with all types of furnaces:

  • Chamber / Batch furnaces
  • Pusher furnaces
  • LPC furnaces
  • Vacuum furnaces
  • Pit furnaces


We can also provide Base Trays with codification which enable you to track and record each batch in your process.

Cronite offers a wide range of materials and production methods to suit every process requirement:

  • Ni/Cr alloy casting (sand casting, lost wax, spinning)
  • Fabricated products
  • Composite (graphite, CFC) including special coating


Cronite, with its R&D center, developed special alloys to extend the life time of fixtures and reduce your total of ownership.

Some of the alloys we have developed include:

  • CR Alloys, latest development to extend the life time of fixture for temperatures up to 1200˚C
  • Mancellium, which is particularly well suited for Low Pressure Carburizing up to 1000 ˚C
  • HRZ, alloy for conventional furnaces, offering long life despite lower nickel content


Base tray - Batch with encoding
Base tray - Batch with encoding
Base tray - Pusher
Base tray - Pusher
Base tray - Pusher with ceramic plate
Base tray - Pusher with ceramic plate