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Cronite, the world leader in heat treatment furnace equipment

Thermal-shock resistance

Our nickel-chromium steel alloys have made us a front-runner in the manufacture of high thermal-shock resistant supports.

These supports optimise reliability and efficiency when inserting workpieces into heat treatment furnaces. Our Cronite technology means furnaces can be filled to maximum capacity while guaranteeing a good gas circulation around the parts.

And because we like to be present every step of the way, we also work in close collaboration with the manufacturers of heat treatment furnaces on their premises, at the very beginning of the high-temperature supply chain.

High-temperature resistance

Wherever metal parts have to withstand high temperatures, Cronite alloys can be found.

This is why you will find our signature on alloys and finished parts used in incineration processes for recovering household waste, in the petrochemicals industry and, more widely, in all industrial furnaces, be it in the cement, iron, steel or glass industry.

Tighter pollution control standards in fossil fuel-based electricity generation have resulted in high temperatures being used when releasing flue gases to reduce emissions. We help our customers make the necessary modifications to power stations using our high-temperature technologies.

Dimensional stability at high temperatures

The gradual replacement of aluminium with composites in the aeronautics industry has given us the opportunity to expand our business into this new high-tech market. Our customers choose Cronite alloys for the high-temperature molds and presses used to form these composites because precision of production and stability are crucial to guaranteeing the dimensional tolerance of finished parts.


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