Our values

Cronite shares some universal values with numerous groups. These values give meaning to a company which is after all for the good of everyone. Some other values are less typical and reflect Cronite’s ultimate plan which is to create value through technology and also to align the interests of individual ventures with those of the industrial venture.

Cronite works for sectors where industrial conditions are extreme: intense heat and thermal shocks, severe mechanical friction and impact, extreme chemical stress and sometimes a combination of these conditions.

Therefore, it has to master at least three major activities:




Each of Cronite’s projects or products must distinguish itself in one of these three activities and often, to the limit of what is possible in several of them.

Therefore, not only are employees required to know about their workshop or department’s activities, they also have to have sufficient knowledge of the upstream and downstream processes, the work carried out at other sites and customer requirements.

At Cronite, there is no challenge that can be taken up by one single employee; nobody is such an all-rounder that he can find the right compromise all on his own and produce the best value for the customer.

Organising this constant quest for equilibrium for each project cannot descend effectively from a hierarchical cascade. On the contrary, there has to be a strong interconnection between teams who work together in a network.

Therefore, Cohesion and Creativity can be found next to cardinal values like Responsibility and Performance.



This value is sought after and encouraged at each site, between sites and main departments.

  • Loyalty: Do not embarrass your company, only express your dissent to superiors
  • Solidarity: Respond to all requests for help and support within the group
  • Sharing: Distribute the company’s fruits and difficulties fairly and according to merit. Do not keep your knowledge to yourself but let the rest of the organisation benefit from it.
  • Harmony: After discussions, decisions have to be made and everyone should endorse them without protest.


Responsibility is the counterpart of autonomy. The best decisions are those taken close to the field.

  • Take responsibility for your decisions and acts: Deal with difficulties calmly
  • Address challenges: Do not restrict yourself by doing what has always been done in the past, push the boundaries in all sectors.
  • Respect our partners, starting with customers: Always keep customers in mind.
  • Respect the planet: When making decisions, integrate the need to use resources sparingly.


This is the goal behind Cronite’s plan.

  • Measuring: Use factual indicators to monitor all processes
  • Delivering: Fulfil your commitments
  • Making improvements on a daily basis: Always remember to do the job more efficiently and less expensively
  • Simplifying: Seek the critical pathway in all processes


It is creative to challenge your superiors with new ideas

  • Making suggestions: Do not be afraid to shake up old habits
  • Inventing: Do things differently
  • Showing imagination: Adapt solutions to meet needs
  • Driving innovation: Welcome all suggestions in an unbiased way.