Better By Design

The process and parts developments require fast answers from suppliers. Therefore Cronite invested and developed along the years adequate equipment and processes to shorten the development phase of fixtures.

Functional geometry verification
Functional geometry verification thanks to 3D printed plastic prototypes
Prototype fixture cast
Prototype fixture cast thanks to a lost wax compatible 3D printing process
Direct sand machining process
Direct sand machining process for sand casting rapid prototyping

The best design must guarantee the best heat treatment quality and the best capacity efficiency. But not only this. The Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is also very important.
To design and produce lighter, more cost effective and lower energy consumption high quality fixtures here are some of the tools we are using.

Solidworks to design fixtures in 3D

Mechanical resistance at high temperatures analysed thanks to FEA

Best shape thanks to Topology Optimization

Casting simulation
Casting simulation for sound castings
dimensionnal inspection
3D scan dimensionnal inspection for accurate results

Today, we combine the FEA methodology and Latest technologies , used at Cronite for almost 20 years, with the most recent topology optimization approach. It results in optimized shapes and smoother section transitions which enable to load heavier parts on lighter fixtures.

bridging arm
Topology optimization (here a bridging arm)
new optimized casting part
new optimized casting part