Cronite, solution for every process

Cronite has always been involved in adjusting the alloying elements in its Irons or Steels to reach the best compromise of specifications & prices.

Cronite has normalized close to 200 alloys, some being dedicated to a single usage, of product. Most of them are HRxx, HR standing for Heat Resistant, some others are trad marks like Mancellium or Cronial.

Cronite recently launched its CR alloy technology, CR is standing for Carburization Resistant, from CR01 to CR06, with the objective of overcoming the problem of compromising between working temperatures, chemical resistance & price. The CR alloys offer a resistance to carbon and at the same time can face working conditions far over 1000°C, with a limited usage of high price alloying elements. CR alloys can also help the castability, which gives more flexibility to the designers to improve the Weight Yield Ratio.