Do you have any new specific requirement?

Do you want to reduce the Total Costs of Ownership?

Do you want a special alloy to resist an aggressive environment?

Do you want to extend the life time?

Do you want to increase the load?

Do you want to increase the capacity?

Please contact Cronite. Our international Engineering and R&D can offer the right solution meeting your expectations.

Few examples :

CR Alloys – Carbon Resistance Alloy

Challenge the Alloy

Alloy for high temperature with excellent Carbon Resistance

CR alloys offers a multitude of advantages:

  • Excellent Carburization Resistance comparable with Mancellium
  • Limited elongation during the life time
  • Strenght of alloy depending on requirement
  • No sticking
  • Long Service time

With new generation of Alloy – CR alloys – you reduce your Total Cost of Ownership.

table CR alloys

Typical CR alloys

CR Alloy Maximum Temperature Strength Quench Type Typical Environment
Air, Gas
AC 950°C / No Quench
Air, Gas, Oil
AC 950°C / Oil Quench
Air, Gas, Oil
LPC 1000°C / Gas Quench
Air, Gas, Oil
LPC 950°C / Oil Quench LPC 1000°C / Gas Quench
Air, Gas, Oil
LPC 1050°C / Gas Quench LPC 1000°C / Oil Quench
Air, Gas
LPC 1100°C / Gas Quench

Nova Loada – New Generation of Baskets

Challenge the life time

Modular solution with removable sides

  • Do you want to extend life time of baskets?
  • Do you want to maintain your baskets in easy way?
  • Do you want to reduce your Total Cost of Ownership?

New Generation of Baskets called Nova Loada Basket is solution with removable sides and Patented Locking system.

You can combine one base with different side heights:

  • Chose different alloy for base and sides
  • Flip the sides to extend the life (eliminate the bending)
  • Easily disassemble the basket for repair (straightening, welding)
  • Reduce the space for storage of baskets

CroniStar – New Generation of Pit Furnace Fixtures

Challenge the load and weight

With CroniStar solution you will achieve:

  • Reduction of energy costs (less weight of fixtures)
  • Increase of production (more parts)
  • Better life span

New Generation of Pit furnace fixtures – CroniStar – offers:

  • Box shape design has superior section modulus compared to traditional
  • solution which leads to significant weight reduction and greater strength.
  • Thinner walls and spaced out hub area allow for faster and more even cooling of the spider during quench operation.
  • This means smaller temperature differentials, lower thermal stresses and resulting longer life span.
  • Base spiders and intermediate spiders are both interchangeable and reversible. This can further extend lifespan.

In order to increase the safety of the pit furnace fixtures, Cronite developed Single piece Central Column, ie. Without any welding. This leads to lifespan increase compared to traditional central column.

Evolution Grate Bars – New Solution for Reverse Acting grates

Challenge the air distribution

Cronite supplies waste incineration plants with new Innovative patented solution for reverse acting grates called Evolution grate bars.

Evolution Grate bars offer several technical advantages:

  • Double Keying for Safety and mechanical reinforcement
  • Double Keying to prevent installation shut down
  • Better air distribution
  • Elimination of grate jamming (inclusion)
  • Pins with sharpened shape

Cast Masking ToolsMasking Tools for aerospace turbine blades

Challenge the Service Life

Cast masking tools offer a multitude of advantages:

  • Long service time vs fabricated alternatives
  • Exact repeatability
  • Strength of alloy depending on requirements
  • Reduction in set up time and costs

Cronite can support you with:

  • On site design capabilities – from concept to production
  • Fast 3D printed prototypes
  • Small to large batch quantities
  • Full test certification including X-ray

The new generation of CFC alloy hybrid fixtures

Optimize your Total Costs of Ownership

As world leader in the Heat Treatment market the Cronite Group already offers a wide variety of cast refractory steel and CFC solutions. In fact Cronite designs, produces and assembles multiple carbon products at its Arnage plant in France. This ranges from graphite furnace parts to the most complex 3D CFC fixtures. The strength of the Cronite Group is to master the design and production of these products in  the different materials, refractory cast steel and CFC.

Cronite Group’s design office and research and development center have developed a new generation of products combining the benefits of cast refractory steel and CFC. These are our hybrid fixtures. This technology is particularly effective for high-temperature, vacuum heat treatments and low-pressure carburizing process.

The principle is simple. Combine the benefits of both material families to compensate for their weaknesses. And this to ensure the best lifespan of the product and at the best cost.

Thus the CFC will be used to lighten the structure and make it more resistant. But only where it is needed. Cast refractory steel, due to the flexibility in the forms that can be made and by its cost, will constitute the rest of the design. The complex shape of the parts to be supported in a fixture can be complicated to make in CFC where a casting can be designed to a shape that perfectly fits the contours of the part to be treated. Similarly, not all structural elements require the use of CFCs. In many cases, for example, the base tray and vertical grids can remain cast steel.

The example of ring gears fixtures for low-pressure carburizing illustrates the concept very well.

  • Base Tray & Vertical Grids can be supplied as castings in Mancellium or our new generation of CR alloys (new generation of Mancellium). Both alloys offer:
    – Higher abrasion resistance compared to CFC
    – Limited dimensional change caused by carbon diffusion
  • Arms are made in CFC giving higher strength and no bending. This lack of deformation is perfect for automated loading and unloading.
  • Adapters are made using the Lost Wax process to avoid the direct contact with CFC and to eliminate the chemical reaction between CFC and treated part. Also the shape and accuracy of the Lost Wax adapters allow for ideal guidance of the ring gear on the arm.

This is just one example of the many custom bespoke combinations that the Cronite Group’s design office offers to its clients on a daily basis. It’s your turn to take the plunge and submit your projects to us.

Opt for the best of each technology. Optimize your Total Costs of Ownership! Choose the Cronite hybrid fixtures!

New solution for Galvanizing & Galvalume Lines

Do you want to improve the performance of your Sink Roll ?

Our new solution of end bells provides advantages over the traditional design :

  • Significantly stiffer
  • Stronger
  • Lighter
  • Hydrodynamically streamlined