High Quality static casting for Petrochem industry

Cronite has a long history of manufacturing a range of heat resisting alloys to the Petrochem industry. Precision statically cast components including tube sheets, hangers, brackets, elbows, return bends, ‘Y’ pieces, Tee pieces , reducers/cones, end caps and catalyst grids form part of our product range.

The alloys must withstand oxidizing, carburizing and other corrosive atmospheres, as well as maintaining good mechanical properties at temperatures of 1100℃ or above.

Production capability

  • Sand Casting up to 3000Kg
  • Centrifugal tube castings up to 6m long and 4000Kg
  • Lost wax investment castings up to 45Kg
  • Machining
  • Pressure testing

Quality systems

All our foundries certified ISO 9001.

Cronite Castings in England has UKAS approved laboratory.

Kartik Steel, foundry in India, is approved by leading Engineering Consultants (Engineers India Limited and Project & Development India) and has a track rector  record with leading licensors and EPCs.


We provide all testing according to the requirements of our customers, it includes

  • Chemical Testing
  • Mechanical Testing
  • Pressure testing
  • X/Ray and Dye Pen

Large range of alloys available to suit various requirements

Large range of alloys available to suit various requirements

Cronite CastingsGermanAmerican
HR15G-X30 CrNi 2010Grade HF-30
HR7G-X40 CrNiSi 2512Grade HH-40
HR6G-X40 CrNi 2520 (1.4848)Grade HK-40
HR6MAG-X40 CrNi 2520 (1.4848 Micro)Grade HK-40, Micro-alloy
HR6SIG-X40 CrNiSi 2520 (1.4848)Grade HK-40+Si
HR25G-X30CrNiSiNb 3220 (1.4855)IN-519
HR10G-X10 NiCrNb 3220 (1.4859)CT-15C
HR33NbLCG-X15 NiCrNb 3525HP+Nb, Low Carbon
HR33G-X40 NiCrSi 3525 (1.4857)Grade HP-40
HR33MAG-X40 NiCrSi 3525 (1.4857 Micro)
Grade HP-40, Micro-Alloy
HR33NbG-X40 NiCrNb 3525 (1.4852)HP-40+Nb
G-X40 NiCrNb 3525 (1.4852 Micro)
HP-40+Nb, Micro-Alloy
HR23ET-35 CoHP-40+Co+W
HR33WET-45 Micro
HR1NiCrNb 2.5680Grade A560