Waste to Energy plants and Power Generation plants

Present for over 30 years in the sectors of waste recovery and energy production, Cronite is one of the major players specializing in the production of wear parts used in these processes.

An undeniable expertise acquired since more than 30 years of presence in these sectors

Cronite produces cast components in alloys resisting to abrasion, oxidation and high temperature used in the waste recovery and energy production sectors. Cronite works in close collaboration with leading specialists in these sectors around the world.

Our main markets are:

  • OEMs and engineering companies
  • Waste to Energy plants
  • Operating companies
  • Biomass units
  • Coal-fired power plants
  • Service companies for maintenance operations

Innovation is our guideline

Based on its know-how and experience, Cronite continuously aims in cooperation with its customers to develop new alloys as well as to improve component shape and design. The goal of this constant search for innovation is to be able to offer the best suitable solutions that meet the needs and expectations of customers.

Cronite supplies Evolution Grate Bars – patented solution for reverse acting grates with several advantages :

  • Double Keying for Safety and mechanical reinforcement
  • Double Keying to prevent installation shut down
  • Better air distribution
  • Elimination of grate jamming (inclusion)
  • Pins with sharpened shape

The main components manufactured are:

  • Air-cooled and water-cooled grate bars for WtE stockers & Biomass stockers
  • EVOLUTION patented grate bar for reverse acting grate systems
  • Protection shells for superheater panels
  • Injection nozzles and burner noses for coal power plants
  • Other components for stocker grates