Best Quality Products for our customers!

All foundries of Cronite Group are ISO 9001 certified and ensure the production of High quality products for all kind of demanding applications like Heat Treatment, Aerospace, Waste Incineration and Steel Industry.

In order to provide the correct quality of our products we use a wide variety of production process

  • Green Sand casting for mass production
  • Chemical sand casting (Alphaset) with weight up to 5 tons
  • Lost Wax Casting, castings with highly precise geometry
  • Centrifugal casting for tubes with force up to 150 G
  • Machining workshop for Carbon Fiber Composite (CFC) and Graphite
  • Fabrication workshop (welding and sheet metal)
  • Rapid Prototyping

Our R&D center is fully equipped for testing creep, heat resistance, hot strength and corrosion.

We use PROCAST casting-simulation software to ensure the best quality.