We make ideas become reality

New ideas are one of our driving forces to innovate our processes or products, and also introduce new solutions on the markets.

To support this approach, we continuously reinvest over 4% of its turnover in Research & Development. Our Research & Development center, located in Czech Republic and with 16 employees, is equipped with the high-tech equipment and closely cooperates with universities around the world.

As a recent development we can mention :

  • New generation of alloys for heat treatment & Power Generation with ultimate carburizing resistance called CR Alloys
  • Patented Bimetallic solution used in different industrial applications (like steel industry or coal crushing)
  • Patternless production for Rapid prototyping called Quick Mold
  • Cronite has been investing in the last years in new areas like Additive Manufacturing
  • Topology Optimization
  • New range of alloys for steel industry and waste incineration