Challenge the air distribution


Main Technical Advantages

– Double Keying for Safety and mechanical reinforcement

– Double Keying that prevent to installation shut down

– Better air distribution

– Elimination of grate jamming (inclusions)

– Pins with Sharpened Shape

The double keying prevent the grate bar to fall in the under fire air hopper in case of grate bar breakage

In case of breakage the grate bars remains in position thanks to the double keying    , it is not necessary to stop the installation in order to change the broken grate bar that stay operational and secured in position with the double keying. The installation remains operational till the next shut down planed for the maintenance of the grate. No operational impact and no operating loss

Better air distribution and elimination of jamming (inclusions)

6 air slots are located on top of the grate, the positioning of the air slots enable to improve the air distribution with better drying effect of the waste and improvement of the combustion.

The positioning of the air slots eliminate the jamming (inclusion) issue encounter in most of the plants with original design of reverse acting grate bars