You are going to subscribe to our newsletter or send us an application through our website and thus be included in our database, for which we thank you. We process all the the applications we receive according to the highest professional and ethical standards. Therefore, we ask you to read the following provisions and accept them unconditionally.

These Terms and Conditions of Use of Personal Data may be updated at any time in order to take account of legal and technical changes. Each time they are updated, you will be asked to accept them once again, in order to access services provided by the website (Careers space, Newsletters).

The provisions below concern the following points:

  • the type of personal data collected and the collection method,
  • how this data is protected and processed,
  • the methods used to transfer your personal data to third-parties,
  • the length of time this data is kept,
  • your rights and preferences,
  • the legal foundations on which this data protection is based,
  • the contact details of the person in charge of data protection within the Group.
  1. The specific case of The Share


Subscribing to our newsletter does not automatically lead to the creation of an account on our website. To receive the newsletter, you are simply asked to provide an e-mail address and accept these Terms and Conditions of Use of your Personal Data.

Therefore, within this framework, the only personal data collected is your e-mail address. This data will be deleted as soon as you terminate your subscription, or in the event that you take no action upon receipt of an e-mail announcing the end of the subscription.

This data will not be used for any purposes other than to send the Newsletter, as often as it is published. It is automatically stored on the Group’s servers and protected under the same Conditions as all the personal data processed by the Group and collected via this website. It can only be accessed by those directly involved in the maintenance of the website or the sending of the Newsletter (IT department and communications department). It shall not be communicated or sent to any other department or person without the prior consent of the user concerned.

The following provisions only concern the Newsletter service insofar as they do not contradict this article 1.


  1. Protection of your personal data
  1. Content of the data provided to us

The information you choose to provide to us through this website is only used to process your application and possibly submit it for other positions that are vacant within the Cronite Group.

Only information about your professional skills or any specific details concerning your working conditions are required for this purpose. An asterisk next to the field indicates that this information is mandatory.

When submitting an application to our departments, you are advised not to disclose any personal information that is not directly related to your skills and, more specifically, to refrain from giving any details concerning your origin, family status, state of health, morals, sexual orientation, political opinions, physical appearance, (photograph), trade-union activities, your belonging or not belonging to an ethnic group, a nation or a race or your religious beliefs.

Any information provided that does not serve the purpose of assessing your application will be automatically destroyed.

  1. Updating your data

To better enable us to propose opportunities that are likely to interest you, please inform us of any changes concerning your address, your contact details, your mobility criteria and more generally your situation. If you withhold any information, it may not be possible to process your application properly.

  1. Processing your personal data


  1. Storing and conserving your personal data


The personal data that you communicate to us on this website is stored via a database (SQL) on secure servers located in France.

These servers are spread out in two different Data Centres, which have also been secured. This ensures the highest level of data integrity possible.

Everyday, two copies of the data stored in each Data Centre is automatically backed up in the other Data Centre. Therefore, in the event of an outage, an interruption in traffic or the destruction of data, no losses will be incurred and any data that was destroyed can be fully restored within 24 hours.

Moreover, access to the servers, whether physical or electronic, is strictly regulated and restricted to those people authorised to do so in the Group’s IT Department. Electronic access to servers is traceable and no data on them can be consulted without the prior consent of a member of the Group’s Management, and only for technical reasons. In the same way, only the IT team is allowed to enter the Data Centres and they are not authorised to consult the data held there.

Therefore, your personal data benefits from an optimal level of technical and material security which ensures confidentiality, integrity and availability at all times.

Keeping your personal data:

  • When you send us an application for a specific position: we keep your personal data for the duration of the recruitment process and the trial period of the person chosen, the aim being to re-examine the applications sent if the applicant chosen turns out to be unsuitable at the end of the trial period.

However, to give your application every chance of success, you may ask us to keep it for longer than the period indicated above. Indeed, similar positions may become vacant later and your application may interest us. To ensure this, you should tick “I would like my application to be kept beyond the recruitment process“. In any case, your application, as such, will not be kept for more than 12 months after you have sent it.

  • When you send a spontaneous application: we keep your personal data for 12 months starting on the date on which you last logged into your space. Indeed, after 12 months, we consider that an application is no longer up-to-date, in which case there is no point in keeping it as it stands.


  1. Communicating and transferring your personal data


To make it easier to present your profile to Group subsidiaries not located within national territory and to technically process the applications our company receives, we would like to inform you that, when processing your application, Cronite SA may transfer all or some of your personal data to other companies in the Cronite Group, regardless of whether they are within national territory or not.

Therefore, the information you communicate to Cronite SA or to a company within the Group may be processed or examined:

  • in any country of the European Union,
  • in any country “offering an adequate level of protection” under article 45 of the GDPR[1],
  • in any other country in which the Cronite Group operates[2], provided that optimal Conditions are implemented to ensure the security and confidentiality of this data, via the Group’s secure network for example,
  • in any other country in which it would be in the professional interests of the Group to transmit this data, after checking that the data communicated would benefit from an adequate level of protection in terms of security and confidentiality.

In any case, the data would only be communicated internally to the Group’s companies and employees, using the Group’s secure computer network (e-mail, Intranet, etc.), and indicating that the data contained in the message is confidential.

The same level of protection and confidentiality will be ensured for all data communicated by one Group company to another, regardless of the country or site concerned.

How it works

Applications for a specific position are automatically passed on to the site concerned, i.e. to the site’s Manager of Human Resources and to the Manager of the department that is recruiting on the site. If your application is likely to interest the recruiter, it may be passed on to the site’s HR, accounting and security departments and to its Executive Committee. Depending on the position and your profile, and on whether your application is accepted by the site, the site may pass your application on to the Group, in accordance with internal recruitment processes. In this case, your application will be passed on to the Group’s Human Resources Manager and to the Group’s Executive Committee, if necessary (including all site Managers).

All spontaneous applications will be automatically passed on to the Group’s Human Resources Manager, in order to identify which site or sites may be interested in the applicant. Depending on the information provided by the applicant, the Group’s Human Resources Manager may pass on the application to the HR departments of the various companies within the Group, and also to specific departments that may be interested in this application.

You may oppose this communication:

  • by specifying in your profile a list of countries in which you would like to work. This list will enable us to limit the transfer of your application to the countries specified,
  • by ticking the box “I do not want my application to be passed on to any other company in the Group” when you are applying for a specific position.
  1. Your right to access, communicate, rectify, update, move and delete your personal data

You have the right to access, communicate, rectify, update, move and delete your personal data at any time.

To exercise one of these rights, you can send an e-mail to the person in charge of processing personal data within the Group, i.e. Mr. Mariaux Fabien, at the following address or else send a letter by regular post for his attention to the following address: Cronite SA, Route François Peyrot 10-14, 1218 Le Grand Saconnex (GE) Switzerland.

You can also write to us at these addresses if you have any technical or legal questions regarding the submission of your application.

Please note that if you request that your personal data be deleted, your current applications will be automatically cancelled. Indeed, we cannot receive an applicant for whom we no longer have any information.

You also have the right to portability, meaning you can move your personal data onto any medium that allows you to use it. For this type of request, please send a message to the contacts indicated above.

Lastly, you have the option and the right to make a complaint to the competent regional supervisory authority, if your rights related to the protection of your personal data are infringed.

  1. Provision of genuine information

By submitting your application through our website, you agree to provide true and genuine information on your professional background, your qualifications, the length of time spent in your past positions and the type of employment contracts under which you worked.

We would like to point out that we check all this information during the recruitment process, in compliance with the legal provisions applicable to your application.

If the information you provide is untrue or if you make false claims regarding your qualifications, professional background or specific skills, we will consider this as an attempt to mislead our Group with regards your abilities and to divert our recruitment processes. This would also put other applicants at an unfair disadvantage. Moreover, this kind of behaviour is totally irreconcilable with the Principles and Values set out in our Code of Ethics.

You expressly acknowledge that offenders shall be liable for such activities and you therefore agree to indemnify us against all the pecuniary consequences – and legal defence fees – resulting directly or indirectly from any claim or action brought against us owing, in whole or in part, to failure to provide us with true and genuine information.

The username and password that you choose or receive in order to access your Careers space are confidential and must be neither disclosed nor shared with third parties, nor used for unauthorized purposes.

You are responsible for ensuring that your username and your password remain confidential, and for all the activities that occur under your username and password. You acknowledge that the joint use of your password and username constitute your authorization to log onto the website. You also acknowledge that you will be accountable for all actions recorded under your username and password.

  1. Applicable law

Personal data processing in Switzerland must comply with the provisions of Swiss law, particularly the provisions of the Swiss Federal Data Protection Act, currently under revision.

Moreover, the personal data of European citizens must be processed in compliance with the provisions of the European General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR[3]“).

Lastly, the processing of personal data of non-European citizens is subject to regulations specific to each person’s nationality.

Therefore, in order to treat all applicants equally, all the personal data provided to Cronite SA through this website and the Careers Space will be protected in accordance with the provisions of the GDPR, regardless of the nationality of the person concerned, unless the legal provisions applicable to said data by virtue of the rules of conflict of laws are more favourable to the applicant. In this case, the latter will be applied.

As the company that owns this website has its headquarters in Switzerland, the Swiss courts have jurisdiction in settling any disputes related to the execution of these Terms and Conditions of Use of Personal Data, or generally, disputes related to the processing of personal data provided to the Cronite Group through this website.

Acceptance of these Terms and Conditions of Use of Personal Data

Access to this Careers space is subject to the acceptance of these Terms and Conditions of Use of Personal Data.

By clicking on “I agree”, you:

  • Acknowledge that you have read and that you accept the Terms and Conditions of Use of your Personal Data,
  • Certify that you have reached the legal working age for the country in which you wish to work, and are at least 16 years old.

[1] See Article 3 ” Applicable law” in these Terms and Conditions of Use

[2] China, India, Mexico, Japan, USA

[3]  REGULATION (EU) 2016/679 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation):