Baskets for every situation

Cronite provides solution for all types of furnaces.

There are available in variety of heights, our baskets can be used in many combinations depending on the heat treated components, available space in the furnace and your requirements.

The baskets can be provides as cast or in CFC.

Cronite developed new Modular solution called Nova Loada for European market and Modular basket for US market with focus on:

  • Extension of life time
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Reduction of storage space
  • Reduction of your Total Cost of Ownership

With Modular baskets Nova Loada you can

  • Combine one base with different side heights
  • Chose different alloy for base and side
  • Flip the sides to extend the life (eliminate the bending)
  • Easily disassemble the baskets for repair
Basket - Nova loada for Ipsen T11
Basket - Nova loada for Ipsen T11
Basket - Standard Ipsen
Basket - Standard Ipsen
Basket - US modular
Basket - US modular