Customized solutions guaranteeing the best heat treatment

Cronite provides the right solution corresponding to your needs, it includes:

  • Standard products for the most common types of furnaces worldwide like Base Trays, Intermediate Grids, Baskets etc.,
  • Customized solution designed to the customer’s requirements.

Customized heat treatment fixtures are designed to:

  • Maximize loading of customer’s components
  • Minimize fixture’s weight
  • Minimize the distortion of components
  • Provide a stable fixture
  • Allow maximum drainage of quench media
  • Prevent shock damage of component during loading and handling
  • Maximize service life of fixture
  • Provide ergonomic handling of fixture,


Cronite offers a wide range of materials and production methods to suit every process requirement:

  • Ni/Cr alloy casting (sand casting, lost wax, spinning)
  • Fabricated products
  • Composite (graphite, CFC) including special coating

Cronite, with its R&D center, developed special alloys to extend the life time of fixtures and reduce your total of ownership.

Some of the alloys we have developed include:

  • CR Alloys, latest development to extend the life time of fixture for temperatures up to 1200˚C
  • Mancellium, which is particularly well suited for Low Pressure Carburizing up to 1000 ˚C
  • HRZ, alloy for conventional furnaces, offering long life despite lower nickel content
Pit furnace fixture - Cronistar
Pit furnace fixture - Cronistar
Hybrid CFC Casting fixture
Hybrid CFC Casting fixture