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Archive 23 March 2021

First pouring operations in China


« MARCH 11 reminds us of the natural disaster that Japan suffered 10 years ago. Cronite lived this day with anguish until we were finally given reassuring news from Taka, our Japanese colleague, and his family. It is with respect for this country and for the loyal customers that Cronite is lucky to have there, that we remember.»


MARCH 10, 2021 will be the date of the first pouring operations of our brand new Green Sand production
line in China, 15 years after the start of our first plant in Asia (in Wuhan).

This new line triples our Asian production capacity and above all, allows us to produce with the lowest possible impact on the environment thanks to this process, which is also particularly well adapted to our metallurgies.

This project, carried out during the year of COVID 19, will have been one of the most complex that Cronite has had to conduct because of the numerous interruptions and travel restrictions that required our Chinese team to manage it without on-site presence of Cronite’s European experts.

And even without its plant manager, who was repatriated to France in February 2020 and held for 10 months away from his team, his customers and his plant.

Pierre Wittman

It is therefore with great gratitude for our Chinese colleagues, but also for our New Investments team, which has become an expert in “video-reception”, that I publish this message and the photos of this first poured mould.

” Cronite is not going to stop here! Start of our centrifugal casting lines, chemical sand lines and of our CR process will follow, which will make our Chinese unit, as of the second quarter of 2021, the most capable and flexible of Cronite Group’s sites.