Cronite is one of the leading players supplying castings for the Aerospace sector.  We have extensive experience in this industry, engineering expertise and advanced technologies enabling us to offer suitable solutions for the customer.

Aluminizing baskets are one of the products We supplie to the Aerospace industry.

Aluminizing Baskets of different sizes are supplied to the Aerospace industry for coating purposes.

The baskets are filled with Aluminising pellets and placed in a retort. This retort is heated to temperature and a diffusion takes place between the pellets in the aluminising baskets and the turbine blades placed next to them.

The typical alloy used is HR4 (Ni 52% – Cr18%).  The alloy can be changed depending on the process and customer’s requirement.

We also supplie Composite Forming Tools, Titanium Forming Tools, Platens, Masking tools and heat treatment fixtures (as cast, CFC / graphite or combined) to the aerospace industry.